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Eat, drink, love SLOW

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If you should describe the taste of Genoa, which words would you use?
Sour with an aftertaste of vertigo?
Sweet with a pinch of shadowed squares and alleys pods?
Sea air with wind’s drops and a touch of basil?

Genoa’s taste is something beyond words and that’s what makes it so fascinating!
However, the taste of the so-called “Superba” is even more enriched by the Slow Fish event that lives up the city from the 2nd to the 4th of July!
If you want a glimpse of Genoa’s varied and unique essence join us in this event that takes place both on the waves and mainland to embrace the two natures of a city, known for being the queen of the sea!
Are you ready to Eat, drink, love SLOW ?


UNTIL 04| 07

Have a taste not only of Genoa, but also of Liguria and the rest of Italy without almost putting a step outside the city’s Old town.

Wandering around discover the unique flavours hidden in the dishes of Rete Contatto’s pubs and restaurants! Take part in this special Taste hunt!A journey to the discovery of the local SLOW taste is waiting for you! Passion, tradition, sustainability mix to give birth to amazing dishes, ice creams, drinks and cocktails! Be surprised by their unusual and captivating names and by the wonderful taste of the products that are a Slow Food Presidium!
Challenge your taste and discover all of them! But, above all, Eat, drink, love SLOW #ontheROAD.


26| 07 – 04| 07

When the light of the sunset colours Genoa’s waters with its orange shapes we put out into the deep towards the horizon. While it gets closer and the waves quietly give form to the Lanterna’s reflection, you can really see the true face of the Superba: queen of the sea. 

Take a drink and enjoy this magic atmosphere while tasting something yummy to crown your unique aperitivo with a view!

For this Slow Fish event, Rete Contatto’s pubs and restaurant have decided to offer special SLOW surprises to our sailors-guests!
Flavoured and unusual drinks and tempting dishes hide products that are not only natural and healthy, but also a Slow Food presidium. Guess which ones!

On Saturday. 26th June Maninvino gets its natural wines on board!
While  on Sunday 4th July it is  la Patateria Genovese and Lo Speziale amari e liquori that are ready to amaze you with their super special combinations.

Join us on the boats of the  Consorzio Liguria via mare  to live an original and exciting adventure! Take a break from the daily stress and let yourself be lulled by the waves sipping some wine, while the sun sets in the background.

Set sail and come with us to know Genoa from another point of view, but, above all to Eat, drink, love SLOW #ontheBOAT