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Information on preventive measures COVID-19 

In accordance with all the compliant and necessary measures issued by the Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health and government authorities against the spread of the virus Covid-19, ARM S.r.l.s.  adopts all the necessary precautions in order to be able to work safely for the benefit of staff and customers that take part in the activity. 

Hence in view of this and in compliance with the DPCM issued on 24th April 2020 and the following 

the Costumer declares under his own responsibility 
To accept and respect the behavioural methods and the guiding principles, as per current regulation. 

 Not to be positive to Covid-19 and to not be undergoing quarateen; 

Not to have been in contact with Covid-19 positive people in the last 14 days and to not come from risk areas according to WHO; 

Not to present any flu or Covid-19 symptom or fever  over 37.5°C ( 99.5°F); 

To release RETE CONTATTO GENOVA. from any liability connected to any claim of allowance, refund, compensation, damage claim, reimburse ecc. of any nature also by third parties, in case of Covid-19 infection; 

In the case of guided tours organised by RETE CONTATTO GENOVA, the procedure “Safe Tours”. They will involve the use of radioguides in order to keep the distance among the participants and the tourist guide. In case of loss and/or damage of the radioguides referred to point 1 of “safe tours – the visit includes” protocol, of which I took note at this link: https://www.exploratour.it/visite-sicure/  and in this explanation, I oblige myself to pay a penalty to RETE CONTATTO GENOVA. In case of loss and/or damage of the amplification system the sum total of the penalty is € 180,00 (+ VAT) for the receptors and € 250,00 (+ VAT) for the transmitter. 

Pursuant to the combined provisions of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code for acknowledgement and full acceptance of the documents:the new modality “safe tours” protocol as well as of the penalty in both of them entered and agreed upon in case of loss and/or damage of the radioguides (receptors/transmitters). 

Moreover RETE CONTATTO GENOVA reaffirm that if affected by flu symptoms it is necessary to call the doctor and stay at home. It is also recommended to follow the safety measures disposed by the Italian national Health Authority which are periodically updated in relation to the evolution of the phenomenon. 

In order to preserve your safety and the one of our staff, we recommend that you inform us immediately in case you suspect to have been infected or of having contact with people who manifested symptoms of a respiratory infection (fever, caught, respiratory distress) and/or people at risk. 

For any question, information, clarification don’t hesitate to contact us: 
contatto@contattogenova.it – 3486984818 – www.contattogenova.it 

Last update 01/06/2021